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We’re IMA.

The Influencer Marketing Agency

Our history

In 2010 two of our young founders started a fashion inspiration platform at the forefront of the blogging phenomenon. They were quick to realise the power of digital influencers in growing it.

In 2013, Joost Nauta, Emilie Tabor and Maddie Raedts launched IMA: the full service agency for brands looking to communicate effectively through the world’s most influential bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers.

In 2016, Anneke Schogt joined with her wealth of experience in digital advertising and media, to support IMA in its growth ambitions

We believe in the power of personal connections to move people, with a heritage to show for it


IMA joined MediaMonks as part of the S4 Capital Group. S4 is a new era, new media solution embracing data, content, media and technology in an always on environment for global, multi-national, regional and local clients and for millennial-driven digital brands.


Our Showreel
Our Cause

Our mission is no longer to grow this category, but to protect it. We have defined this cause as ‘Authentic Connections’. Meaning that we will dig into the real story of a brand and the true motivations of their campaign. From here we shall explore the worlds, lifes and movements of the influencers we follow so that we can discover where there are real touchpoints. Making a match that is sincere and spot-on.

And if we can’t find them, we will protect our clients and save their money, and protect our influencers to save their authenticity. If we do find this ‘match potential’ we invite these influencer as well as our clients to co-create something that is true for both of them. This makes it inclusive and real. This way we keep thinking fresh, real and authentic. This is exactly what was missing in the realm of advertising, media and communication industry.



Our Founders
IMA influencer Marketing Agency Founders

Maddie Raedts

Founding Partner, CCO

The high number of fashion brands in IMA’s clientele can be attributed to Maddie. She became an entrepreneur at a young age while completing her studies in Fashion and Branding. Her expertise has contributed to and continues to shape our dynamic creative vision.

Emilie Tabor

Founding Partner, CMO

Emilie inspires our partners and clients on a daily basis with her infallible knowledge of brand relations and infectious energy.
She leads a fast-paced, hard-working team whose success is reflected in our impressive, varied array of work.

Anneke Schogt


Anneke's wealth of experience in digital advertising and media brought IMA as a growing start-up to the next level. Within her strong focus on innovation and long term strategy development, she always strives to make our culture one of confidence and ambition, so we that grow in a sustainable and scalable way.

Our Team
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