work @ IMA

We’re always looking for the biggest and the best talent across all areas of expertise to strengthen our young, international team.

We collaborate in a dynamic working environment with minimal hierarchy. Here, everyone is encouraged to nurture their individual talents and ambitions.

We work big - globally in fact, across many industries including fashion, beauty, travel, food, lifestyle, automotive and more.



our culture


We look to the next cultural zeitgeist, the next channel or subculture to pop-up 

We are all creatives tapping into the storylines of crowd-cultures delivering fresh storylines 

We are a new kind of agency, organised in our own way

We are a team of young, digital natives that live and breath the digital landscape



We are genuine, going all the way to find the perfect fit between influencers and brands

We urge influencers and brands to champion #sponsored to be transparent to audiences

We work only with truthful data, so we are honest about campaign performance and don’t work with influencers who have fake followers 

We are realistic, showing what our costs are, including IMA markup



We are entrepreneurial, ‘we have a f*ck it lets do it!’ attitude, always

We are not afraid to go after what we believe in, like protecting the influencer marketing world we helped to pioneer

We are fast-pace and believe in pushing boundaries 

We stand our ground, stand up for what we believe in 



We believe in the personal, having that sparkle and connection

We are open, everyone can make their own success and create the freedom to do so

We are a diverse and international team which adds value to the culture fabric of IMA 

We believe in co-creation, that everyone is a creative and all ideas are welcome 

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