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The challenge

How do you launch the #PhilipsStraighteningBrush in a market where women face restrictions when it comes to showing their hair?

Be culturally conscious and respectful.
Promoting a hair styling product in a country where women are required by law to wear an abaya (or optionally a niqab or hijab) is without doubt a challenge. By collaborating with both Saudi women who no longer live within the kingdom (that could show the impact of the product), as well as Saudi influencers who reviewed the product without unveiling themselves (who could tell their followers about the product), this challenge was tackled.

By combining data and hands-on expertise, we selected perfect brand-matching influencers and managed to reach an extremely responsive audience, resulting in an extremely successful Philips marketing campaign.

Develop a strategy with specific personas to maximise effectivity.
IMA selected 2 types of influencers.

The styling devotees are established YouTube influencers who no longer live in Saudi Arabia, but maintain a strong following from the Kingdom interested in beauty and lifestyle.

The local socialite, still residing in KSA, ensured local awareness and product consideration through her Instagram and Snapchat channels, without showing her luscious hair.

The campaign was a massive success. It even had to be paused halfway through to allow for the product to be restocked in stores.

We achieved :


Online Bounce Rate: -8% compared to the avg. performance for Philips

We increased awareness online and in-store in such a way that we reached 323% of the total KPI and causing such a conversion buzz that the campaign had to be put on-hold mid-way through to restock the stores.

the influencers
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